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We are a team of experienced specialists in successful training & coaching

Each of us brings in many years of experience in successful leadership, sales and collaboration with business partners, clients and colleagues.

Our profession is effective training & coaching for people who are determined to increase their success 

Our focus is on sales & distribution, leadership & management, as well as teams & individuals who are committed to make further progress in the development of their capabilities and individual personality.

Our work is company-specific and personalised

Comprehensive understanding for your situation, your needs and your goals is the essential basis of our work. Each of our measures is designed consequently on the basis of this understanding.

We provide you with valuable impulses that lead you to visible results

Since many years we are setting own approaches and accents in our field of activities. Our training & coaching leads to recognisable results for our clients. The high quality of our work has been confirmed for many years by longtermed customer relations, international recognition and awards.



We effectively support you and your teams with profound training & coaching solutions

  • in accomplishing your goals with less effort and higher certainty
  • in making best use of existing potentials
  • in realizing your future visions.

“I found this training excellent. I would highly recommend RESULTS Training & Coaching for every company. Although I have many years of experience in my profession I learned many new techniques. I wished I had this training 30 years ago. Thanks very much!“

Tim Donovan, Hennecke Inc, USA

Why evolve?

Why evolve?

“Nothing is as constant as change.“
(Heraklit of Ephesus, 535-475 BC)

Markets are constantly changing. We are constantly experiencing new developments in the economic, social, technological and political environment.  Many of these changes affect us directly – sooner or later.

How do we deal with such challenges personally and in the company?

How do we deal with changes resulting from “VUCA world” and “mega trends”: Digitalization, Industry 4.0, climate change, energy transition, shifts in the political order and their impact on “our world”?

When change is the only constant of our time, the ability to deal with this dynamics in a positive and goal-oriented way becomes a vital success factor.

Every manager and every employee makes an important contribution to the achievement of your visions and goals.

The will, knowledge and ability of managers and employees are decisive for this – today and in the future!

Therefore, it is worthwhile for companies to use the existing potentials in the best possible way.

We support you: effectively and sustainably



Bernhard G. Wörner

Master trainer and coach for leadership, sales, communication & cooperation

Founder of RESULTS Training & Coaching

Main focus

Leadership for all management levels
Sales management
Sales for field and office staff
Key Account Management / Global Account Management
Behavior and communication for application specialists, project managers and services
Presentation and Moderation
Personality development
Personal Coaching

Qualification / Experience

Study of industrial engineering
Corporate Management
General Management
Personnel management of international organizations
National and International Sales
Global Account Management
Product Management
International Marketing
Sales and Trade
Sales Psychology
IWP Master Trainer and Coach
Licensed STUCTOGRAM® – Trainer

In his more than 30 years of professional experience, Bernhard Wörner has gained extensive experience in sales, product management, marketing and in the management of international industrial companies in the field of technical products and systems – both in medium-sized companies and in large corporations. Most recently, he held global responsibility for 7 years in the general management of a successful medium-sized industrial group.

Through his activities, Bernhard Wörner knows from his own experience the challenges that arise in sales and management of companies due to scarce resources, displacement competition, globalization as well as political, economic and technological change.

Since 1988, Bernhard Wörner has held seminars, trainings and lectures in Europe, the USA and Asia in German and English language. As a coach, he supports entrepreneurs, executives and employees.

In all his trainings and coachings Bernhard Wörner attaches great importance to direct practical relevance and to the immediate practicability of the gained insights, strategies and tools. His events inspire and motivate the participants to rethink existing ways and to tread new paths.

He was awarded by the FOCUS magazine as TOP COACH in the categories of sales coaching, executive coaching and communication coaching.

Detlef M. Bosse

Master trainer and coach for sales, management, communication & cooperation

Co-founder of RESULTS Training & Coaching

Main focus

Sales and communication trainer
Sales for field and office staff
Trainings for sales psychology and rhetoric
Key Account Management
Management training and management coach
Presentation and Moderation,
Personality development
Personal Coaching

Qualification / Experience

Craft training
Customer service technician in the field
Sales consultant in the field
Commercial specialist
Key Account Manager
Member of the management support group
Sales and branch manager
Training as a professional trainer and coach with extensive practical experience
and further qualifications.
Independent trainer and coach since 1999
IWP Master- Trainer and Coach
Licensed STUCTOGRAM® – Trainer

Detlef M. Bosse, born in 1957, has gained extensive sales experience in various areas of the office equipment industry. In his more than 30 years of sales and management activity, he has become acquainted with all the specific requirements of target-oriented selling to end customers, in the key account area as well as leadership and motivation of his employees, and has applied this knowledge in practice. He conducted his first training courses and seminars as early as the end of the 1990s.

Detlef M. Bosse’s specialties as a trainer and coach include leadership training for senior executives, sales and behavioral training for office and field staff, as well as rhetoric and presentation training. These are supplemented by the additional focus area of telephone acquisition and motivation training.

He has extensive experience in the acquisition of new customers, the successful introduction of new products and the corresponding communication of customer benefit and value.

Detlef M. Bosse places particular emphasis on practical training. In his events, which are as inspiring as they are rousing, he teaches immediately applicable techniques for successful communication and value-oriented selling.

His motto: Learning must be fun.



Unmatched practical relevance

Our practical orientation can be understood literally.

We come from that practice for which you need the best and most effective methods for your success.

In our trainings and coachings we immerse ourselves in your reality: what we develop with you and your employees can be implemented immediately in your practice.

“I have already had several trainings, but none of them was so close to practise and none of them dealt so precisely with the mistakes I made, especially in depth.

What we developed and trained is 100% applicable in practice – a training for practice.”

Zoran Knezevic, Client Manager, Hewlett-Packard, Switzerland


A tailor-made suit still fits best. We make sure that our work is tailored to your specific needs just like a tailor-made suit.

To do this, we put ourselves completely in “your world”. We tailor our work specifically to your circumstances and goals, taking into account above all what is important to you.

The result is training & coaching that is truly tailored to your industry and company-specific characteristics and the situation of your managers and employees.

“From concept development to implementation – throughout all phases you have convinced us with your speed and professionalism – as well as with solutions perfectly tailored to our needs.

You live what you train! An excellent job!

Richard Schmidt, Director HR Development, KraussMaffei Technologies


Visible results

We create results in line with your goals.

These results are recognisable for you, your business partners, customers and employees.

It is the mixture of our many years of experience, profound competence and concepts that precisely address your needs and goals that makes this possible for us and for you.

Our work is motivating, inspiring, evocative and “shockingly concrete”.

“Thanks to your training, I was able to increase my professional success enormously. Before your training I had an acquisition success rate of just 10-20%, but through the training I was able to increase this to 70-80%. I was able to increase sales in my area by 4.5 times in the past three years!

Thank you again for the really great training, which has brought me far forward professionally and also privately.“

R.Kunsch, Regional Sales , Hünnebeck Germany, A BrandSafway Company



Changes that we experience in the economy, society and politics usually have an impact on ourselves and our lives – sooner or later. Then we become aware of how important the ability to change and develop is.

That is why our work consistently focuses on people and their individual personalities. We recognize and acknowledge the personality of each person and enable the underlying potentials to be used effectively for successful further personal development.

“I have experienced various trainings with you over a longer period of time.

In all your trainings you have managed to develop the participants on the basis of their existing personality.

No recipes are taught, but individuality that fits the existing knowledge and personality.”

T. Brümmer, Market Manager, Olympus Medical


Our work is based on a comprehensive understanding of all those aspects that are crucial for the achievement of goals and the associated changes.

Ideas, desires and goals – beliefs, thought patterns and habits – motivation, readiness and power of implementation – will, knowledge and ability – all these and other aspects need to be taken into account when it comes to effective personal development and successful change.

“Your training really goes in depth while covering the essentials to actually be successful!

This sets you apart from other trainings which I have experienced so far. We can use your training as a concrete guide to do our job really excellently!”

Ian Yu, Technical Sales Manager, Machinery and Equipment, , China


Efficiency, high performance demands and constant change characterize our working lives today.

However, we often see managers and employees struggling with the difficulties and challenges in their environment at the limit of their capabilities and close to giving up in frustration.

Motivated people are not only invaluable to a company, they are also more successful. Through finely tuned and individual support, people gain new inspiration, motivation and energy.

“Congratulations on this training!  You have carried us along from the beginning and thus ensured a sense of togetherness which we never experienced before.

Thank you for the extra motivation gained! Everything will be fine!”

Bernhard S., Managing Director, Men’s and Women’s Fashion Company  




The goal of every training and coaching measure is to create the basis for positive changes and to sustainably support the successful implementation in the real environment.

Our concepts are designed in such a way that learning processes are effectively set in motion and accompanied as far as it makes sense to achieve the desired results in the long term.

“Before the training, we were excited about what to expect. Afterwards, we were eager to implement what we had learned.  And we put it into practice! Very successfully, in fact.

We have doubled sales and profit since then! Mind you, with the same number of salespeople in a difficult market environment !”

Ralf Christofori, Managing Director, ENGEL Germany



In over 35 years of practice, we have familiarized ourselves with the specifics of many industries. Therefore, you can rely on us to understand the “world” in which you and your employees work every day to ensure your success.

Analytics and laboratory technology
Plant engineering and process technology
Automation and robotics
Diagnostics and Life Science
Electrical engineering
Specialized trade of different branches

Consumer goods
Mechanical engineering
Medical technology
Measuring, testing and control technology
Sanitary, heating and air-conditioning technology,
Power engineering & environmental technology
Packaging industry
and others…

We build people

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